Do you want a packaging which sells? Think as a Champion!

Have you ever observed the face of athletes in the precise moment where they injure themselves?

Do you know what they are thinking about?

I tell you my opinion, but I have never played as a professional football player or as a professional biker.

However I have been working for years every day with champions, even if they play in another tournament, that of the products for large retailers.

Every champion, in the moment that follows the painful injury, just thinks to a thing: finding a solution quickly to return and win their competition.

The solution is always the answer to a specific problem.

An injury doesn’t allow them to play and their only concern is to solve this problem in the best way and without wasting time.

This is the vision that allows a product to become a champion – thanks to a talented entrepreneur or a project manager in the product’s tournament.

Whether it’s Buffon and his shoulder’s injury or any other athlete, the reaction is always the same.

Who can help me to solve this problem to go back to the race as soon as possible?


Only professional figures highly specialized are able to offer in these terms, because like Buffon is specialized as a goalkeeper (in this role he is able to produce his best results and for this he has been training for years), so other professionals have been “training” for years to solve specific problems.

If you are a champion in the world of business, you know that your market is as competitive as the Champions League tournament. With no holds barred.

An injury is what all your competitors are waiting for. For this reason you should identify the best solution as soon as possible.


The truth is that the world is changed, it travels very fast. What unconsciously worked 10, 20 or 30 years ago, nowadays it doesn’t work with the same rules anymore.

It doesn’t produce the same results.

I am speaking about packaging, but this is surely about every aspect of your activity.

Only with the help of professionals highly specialized you are able to cope with unforeseen events, competitors and problematics which constitute the pitch of the world of business nowadays.

If until some years ago a normal graphic agency was the natural answer for any company’s needs for the communication, advertising and packaging, nowadays it is not possible any longer.

A generalist service hardly achieves the same results of a professional who has a dedicated service.

You will agree with me that a team of graphics, creatives and art directors who dedicate their jobs on the packaging – studying the best solutions and deepening the matter every day – are focused on your problem compared to graphics, creatives and art directors who dedicate their time to video advertisings, websites, events, media planning and also to the packaging.


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For this a focused specialization is the answer to obtain certain results and in a short time. Remember that is about the packaging of your product, its image in large retailers or shops. The customers are going to choose in 2/3 seconds when they will be in front of the shelves. Do you want to play it with an approximate solution?

For this reason we decided to focus and dedicate our efforts at the study and realization of a packaging which is functional to the sales, operating just in this sector and putting all our energies in the research of real solutions.

In this way Packaging in Italy was born, the pack of Italian design.

The packaging is a fundamental aspect for the success of your product and only a specialist can give the concrete and right answer to your sales.

If you are launching a new product or thinking again about the image of your existing products (the restyling is another vital element) how can you think to identify the solution which will allow your packaging to guarantee a preferential channel in distribution and to generate sales on the shelves?

Don’t stop yourself just because you are suffering due to your injury even if it is painful. You’d rather think about a solution: a packaging which is able to generate sales as soon as possible. We are specialized in that.


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