E-commerce: how to make the difference with a dedicated packaging

For who produces and commercializes products the innovation is a very important aspect.

Not keeping up with time means going quickly out of the market, and at the same time taking the right choices in advance can turn into a remarkable success.

Despite habits of people are changing, there are some conditions which existed 40 years ago, they still exist and they will keep on being valid for long time.



The packaging of yesterday, today and tomorrow

I want to speak about those activities that were born on the net and they have become online brands.
Companies with dozens of employees which are so successful to an accurate fact.
Yes, I am talking about packaging. In fact physical products needed a packing material both yesterday and today and although our habits could change the packaging will always play an important role for the success of the product.

There is however a particular case where is not just the product to benefit of a dedicated packaging, but also the service, I am talking about e-commerce, the perfect representation of how people’s habit have changed.

An e-commerce works through its on-line platform where the user simply surfing the net at home buys some products, but the final step of purchasing is in the real world.

They ring at the doorbell, you answer and from the other side you hear these words: “ courier, there is a package for you… “

What they call package is a box, our packaging, and wasting such a valuable chance would be a real mortal sin of marketing.


What does your e-commerce gain from packaging?

If you have got an e-commerce, maybe thematic (specialized on x products) or maybe a simple online store where you sell your product line of your company or you are going to launch the new e-bay competitor, it doesn’t matter, in all of these situations a dedicated packaging could make the difference. The packaging can contribute to success of your e-commerce.

When instead of using anonymous package you choose a dedicate packaging for the shipments of your e-commerce you work substantially on these 4 points:


1. Perception of the brand

Even if it is a small e-commerce remember that the customer doesn’t know the volume of your sales, I mean the only elements who has got to consider your job are your website and your packaging.

I have seen many small specialized e-commerce which understood this concept have invested on a dedicated packaging to communicate in a clear way their message (logo and payoff on packaging with sizes and latches personalized).
At the same time I have seen big brands with a very strong presence offline neglected this element on their sales online, causing a very skepticism in the eyes of whom received the package.

Your brand will be perceived also thanks to the characteristics of the packaging you will use to send your product to your customer’s house.

If you are making business on line you know how much difficult you have to convert a visitor into a customer who uses a credit card to complete the order , for this reason once done the first step and gained his trust you should invest to maintain his perception high to you.
The packaging could say a lot about you …don’t forget it!
Either you make them perceive what they were looking for – the real reason for which he bought from you – or you risk too much for the second purchase or worse a negative review.


2. User’s experience

A customized packaging is a package thought for your customer’s needs.

Just in this way you can improve with accurate choices his experience. Think about the tear opening used by many couriers (UPS, fedEX) or the new packages realized by E-bay.

How would have it been opening a new package using scissors or cutter? Besides wasting of time or risking of clumsy gesture or at the stress of not having immediately what you got. The difference is huge for the user.
Looking at the purchase with the customer’s eyes it becomes two times important the attention to detail which also passes through an accurate coordination of images between primary packaging (packaging of product) and secondary packaging (packaging of delivery).

This is not an aspect just reserved to big companies and it can really make the difference becoming a strategic investment for strengthen the corporate identity.

Finally the real user experience at the opening time – time also important for the products bought in physical store – becoming more important with a purchase where the opening of the packaging corresponds at the first contact with the product involving 5 senses.


3. Protection of product

This point directly affects on the first and second point (user experience) and obviously on the economic aspect.

A packaging which is not studied for the product that will have to contain, will put to a hard test the integrity of product at the delivery’s time.
It concerns you closely also if you are not selling crystal glasses because the complete cycle of selling, delivery included, considers different steps frequently delicate in addition to some different conditions which are not predictable as temperature gap, humidity and some drops of water.

In conclusion you can’t guarantee your product will be delivered intact trusting just in fate.

Finally I am going to add that if also your contract with the courier can cover 100% of damage, you can’t repay in any way your customer’s disappointment who ordered your product seeing it delivered damaged. It doesn’t matter if he receives a second one for free because that day he hadn’t what he was looking for wasting time (calling or sending an e-mail) to solve it, bad experience in conclusion.


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4. Visibily and communication of the Brand

When you arrive at your office how long do you take to recognize a Zalando’s package among the boxes in reception?

That means making visible your name even to whom in that moment is not your customer.
How many times have you seen the carrier close to the doorbell holding in his hand a package to deliver? When you recognized immediately brand’s name you had a proof they invested well their money with a packaging customized for e-commerce.
That packaging was taking around the city your company name and the brand’s name is the visible part of your communication on the packaging.


The option sadly more widespread

It is the “do it yourself” anonymous package which means nothing, the customer doesn’t like it because it is usually uncomfortable, it puts the products into risk and it doesn’t help you to build a brand. Is this the packaging you want for your company?


The big opportunity for whom selling on the net

Today investing on packaging is a must if you want to be competitive on the online market.
From direct producer or dealer (e-commerce multi-brand) you can’t not to communicate (or communicate in a bad way) to the customer and you can’t risk to spoil the customer’s experience with a damaged product or with a package complicated to open.

I am talking about a big opportunity just because this kind of choice – thinking about a packaging dedicated to your e-commerce – hides benefits that most of your competitors ignore and it represents winning ingredients for your business.
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