Choose the right color to increase the sales of your product

Among the fundamental ingredients for the success of a packaging there is the choice of the colors.

Indeed between the product and the colors which represent it on the packaging exists a direct relationship, and as there is a direct relationship between the packaging and the sales, we could say that the chromatic choice determines the possibilities of sale of the product.

The color plays a crucial role working on specific sensations to evoke in the costumer (hunger, thirst, security, prestige, artisanship).

It is so essential to identify the characteristic of the product, its positioning and its differentiating message in order to reason on the chromatic choice.

Choosing the right colors for your packaging means selling

You shouldn’t delegate the choice of the colors to creatives, indeed there isn’t more scientific choice  than the colors of the packaging.

Let’s make it fuchsia because I like it and nobody does it!

Nothing could be worse.

There is always a reasoned and carefully studied choice and differently from what you can think it is not based on personal taste or on our own sensations.

You never choose a color because “it is okay” or because “I like it” but because it will help the product to sell more.


Why is it so important to identify the right colors?

Hitting the consumer in the right point, arousing the wishing sensations getting noticed among other products which crowd the large retailers, they are purposes more and more difficult to achieve through advertising and promotions.

Did you notice it?

The eye of the consumer falls and intercepts the signals which respond to their needs.

And in this it has become more and more demanding, trained for years of purchase and advertising to recognize what they want. It represents the right answer to their needs.

All the choices of a packaging have to be done in this direction and the color is definitely the main ingredient.

Speak a universal language, communicate directly and without any filter action on some human perceptions that go beyond the personal taste.

Before giving you some examples, I would like it was clear that the chromatic choice is motivated of the sum of some factors that go beyond the considerations on the sensations caused from the color.

The exact formula is this:

  1. Feeling of colors
  2. Sector of reference
  3. Social Colors
  4. Positioning of the store

This mix of factors could have decisive elements on the sales, but devastating if they are used in the wrong way.

Let’s try to reason about black color.

For some people in the past it was considered mournful and it was associated to disgraces, nowadays it expresses very different sensations like elegance, luxury, sophistication and prestige.

1+2: the color evokes the sensation wanted and it adapts itself to the reference sector.

It is a great color choice, but always in function to reference sector, if we had to develop a packaging of a jewel or a salmon it would be perfect, but for a packaging of flour of 1 kg or sugar much less.

1+2+3: the ability to adapt to social colors.

If our black pack had to be developed by a carmaker because they would like to launch a new line of glasses, if it was commissioned by Ferrari the marketing would certainly refuse the chromatic choice, if instead the commissioner was the Lotus I would say, with extremely confidence, we would find these line guides.

1+2+3+4: the capacity to respect the conditions of the store.

If with the first three points everything can be perfect with the black color, the point number 4 represents a very important final condition.

Let’s take an anti-age cream from a Londoner company, with a black color logo. If one of the channels of sales were the pharmaceutical one, the choice of black would be wrong.



Now some examples of usage of color

Red, yellow and brown stimulate the appetite working directly on the nervous system (do you remember McDonald’s logo?).

Gold, violet, wine red communicate prestige and sophistication.


If we want to work on the sensations of the sense of smell:


Orange: evokes spicy fragrances

Green: evokes perfumes of herbs and spices

Violet: evokes delicate perfumes

Yellow: evokes warm and citrus sensations


If we want to work on the sensations connected to the taste:


Yellow and green: refer to an acid taste

Orange and yellow: are related to sweet sensations

Pink: refers to a delicate and sweet taste

Dark blue, violaceus, greenfinch: are associated to a bitter taste

The pairings grey/green or grey/blue: evoke the salty taste


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How should it be addressed the choice of the colors of a packaging?

The phase of analysis and research is everything in the development of a packaging.

In our agency we start from a careful analysis of the reference market, the competitors, the target and later we pass to the operative realization of the packaging.

There are, obviously, some objective problems which hinder the choices of a packaging thought to sell. I would like to summarize a couple that commonly block companies and agencies about the choice of the color.


We have always done in this way


The colors in question have been always used and so they think they are untouchable. Obviously they have always been used in this way without a study or a precise choice, simply the idea to change something scares and so it is discarded.

But how can you drastically change the results of sale without changing the image of your product?


It was the color that the founder loved


In historical companies and in family owned I have often heard this sentence.

I often read some articles which speak about the perfect choice of the color.

In part they contain universal considerations, but remember this is a choice that can’t be taken in an academic way, don’t stop yourselves on the rules of the books.

You have to know the product, the market and the target and only then making the right considerations.

It is in this way that born the champion product of Genetic Profit™.


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