Brand Identity GrandPrix 2016: the selling packaging wins.

A marketing agency does not live by awards and recognitions alone. I have always thought about it and I have organized the entire work at Packaging in Italy away from these mechanisms.

Being awarded is not negative, but work with the special goal of obtaining an award is not exactly what we are interested in, inside our agency.

We approach the project to increase the products’ sales

This is our work; when clients come to us generally have two needs:
Improve the sales of an existing product (here we intervene with a focused restyling), or launch a new product on the market (here we work to set up the product identity by getting to the realization of the packaging).

In both cases, our work is to allow the product generating more sales.

We do it through packaging and through all marketing choices connected to the package: the naming, the logo and the product positioning.

I have done this brief introduction because even though this is our approach, the awards delight us, and yes, we receive them.


The sales packaging always wins

I believe this is a good thing, because when you work away from creative logics and you are able to get recognitions by insiders, this means that you have been appreciated on other parameters. “An award for a packaging that generates sales”, as stated by Dr. Luca Lazzaroni, is the best compliment I could have ever received by a client in Milan, during the award ceremony of the Brand Identity GrandPrix which was held on 11 February 2016.

For Paolo Lazzaroni Spa we have realized the Latta Italia Amaretti del Chiostro which won in the Expo Design 2015 category. This metal tin has been realized and designed in a very detailed way in order to bring the Italian design into the world, increasing the product sales.

No creative choice and no artistic mannerism, but a precise work of design and development of a tin box headed to sales.


You need a packaging that generates sales?



2 international awards with the packaging that sells

Yes, at a distance of a week from the ISM Awards of Cologne, where the work carried out with Sfoglia Nera of Majani has been awarded as the Best Packaging of the International Product, the second international award has come. The Expo Design 2015 category has been designed for the special purpose of awarding that works that are able to stand out outside our country.

Clients with their testimonies, the data on sales which increases and, in the end, the recognition of insiders as well, confirm to me day by day that investing on a packaging headed to sales and away from creativity as an end unto itself, is the right way to follow.

In up to a week, this way followed has brought our work on the podium twice, and inside stores it moves products from the shelf directly to the cash register.
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