When the move to conquer the market is in the packaging

The stories about the greatest entrepreneurs are made of courageous choices.

Brilliant insights that radically changed the consumer’s habits. These are the entrepreneurs I define as explorers since they discovered virgin territories creating life to new civilizations.

<<They dug where nobody thought there was petroleum>>

It is not enough to limit oneself to make something which goes against the common thought to have luck. It would be too easy. As well as a creative packaging is not enough to sell. You need reasoned, clever choices accompanied by an amount of courage to put them in practice when nobody trusts them.

The research and development phase of new products is certainly among them because investing on new product (research, analysis, design, test…) is a big question mark until the end. However who was able to make the right moves harvested the benefits, always following the same straight line: targeted evaluations, intelligent choices, courage and actions.

Among the brave and counterintuitive choices that allow to a company to explore new markets there is certainly the packaging of the product.

I would like to speak about it because it is not always possible to launch a new product, for two main reasons: either you can’t afford it (investing in research and development is expensive today) or yours is a commodity product.

If you are in one of this two situations, focusing on packaging sometimes can be the most intelligent choice.


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How to become an explorer entrepreneur thanks to packaging of your product?

There is no shortage of examples:

If 20 years ago they had told me that a commodity product as salad could have positioned itself on the market thanks to a branded plastic bag I wouldn’t have believed it.latte parmalat

Many had not even believed it in 1962 when Parmalat decided to pass from glass to Tetra Pak to commercialize a commodity product like milk.

The packaging, very particular in this case, was the real element which allowed the exploration and the conquest of that market.

Soon it was copied from all other players on the market, but by now the company of Collecchio was the consolidated leader, and it fully enjoyed the benefits that the market reserves to whom comes for first with an innovation.

The list is very long, but I wanted to make a couple of examples that would be clear to everybody and they are without any doubt.

Maybe you don’t have an undifferentiated product and for your luck your product has already uniqueness characteristics. Even more the way of packaging to explore new territories is a clever and obliged choice.

At the base of exploration and conquest – as in history as in market – there is always a big capacity to see beyond.

Seeing beyond the appearances, beyond the common sense of things, beyond the competitors.

For us to see “beyond” means to see with customer’s eyes, re-positioning our consideration from their point of view and at their height – at the height of the shelf.

Only re-considering the data from this prospective it is possible to identify the lack and to find the answer by the developing and the creation of a packaging which helps the product to sell.

Just seeing the things from this prospective is possible to reach “new lands and to make new achievements!”.

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