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Filippo Benvenuto

CEO of the HDI Group

My name is Filippo Benvenuto and I am CEO of the HDI Group, an important player of the chocolate sector.

My Group recently repositioned itself on the market, through important operations, with the aim of giving visibility to the three ownership brands:

– Feletti: premium price
– Sorini: mass market
– Voglia d’Italia: convenience.

Packaging in Italy strongly supported us along this way, especially for:
– brand identity
– Feletti restyling brand
– corporate image
– examination of chocolate benchmark

The contribution has been crucial because it helped with rationality and creativity such a delicate marketing-oriented step.

It was not simply a graphic or creative assistance, but a deep solace on strategic choices over the sensibility towards the consumer.

The well-known competence in this sector has been accompanied with an important feeling towards the mission, which has been soon clear, without inferiority complexes and in the awareness that a natural selection during this recession period could paradoxically build an opportunity.

That is the secret.

Not an agency, but a partner, which takes the cause with passion and lucidity, with style and modernity.

I am personally grateful to Packaging in Italy for the professionality demonstrated and the desire to “change the world” without altering the DNA of the company, but giving value to its assets.

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